Share Some Black Tea Drinks

Black tea is warm, and good at cold, warm stomach, phlegm, digestion, appetizers. It is visible that weak and stomach are suitable to drink black tea. Therefore, in daily life, weak stomach consumers could choose the  black tea to drink, it has obvious health benefits.

Now, share some black tea drinks:

1. Milk Tea


black tea 5-7 g, purified water 200ml, milk 200ml, a bit of sugar


A. Boiling water 85 -90

B. Put milk into the cup and add tea, then mix well

C. Add a proper amount of sugar

black tea milk tea 1 (2).jpg


2. Roselle Black Tea


   black tea 5-7 g, purified water 200ml, dried lemon 2 slices, roselle 2 pieces, some ice cubes ,sugar


A. Boiling water 85 -90, cool down

B. Filter out tea soup, then add dried lemon and reoselle

Add a proper amount of sugar and ice, then mix well

black tea.jpgblack tea milk tea 5.jpg

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