The Function of Bitter Melon Tea

Dried bitter gourd can be used as medicine, with heat elimination, detoxification, stomach and other effects, to treat heat stroke, dysentery, eye pain and other diseases.

Summer is the peak season for the consumption of balsam pear, which can be used to cook soup, braise and brew tea.

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Medicinal properties:

Dried bitter gourd is elliptic or oblong, 0.2-0.3 cm thick, 3-15 cm long or over, 2-4 cm wide.The skin at the edge of the incision is bluish green.

Dried bitter gourd wrinkled uneven, white or yellow white, a few red, soft and slightly elastic, embedded with nearly oblong and flat seeds 5-10, seeds often leave holes after falling off.Quality slightly tough, not easy to break.The smell is light, the taste is bitter.

The green edge, white meat, thin and less seed is the best quality.

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