English breakfast tea

   English breakfast tea is a mellow drink, and the origin of English breakfast tea is Scotland. English breakfast tea has been used as "breakfast tea" in the UK for more than a century.



   British tea culture is deep. The British began importing tea from the 1660s. At that time, the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza married King Charles II of England, and she brought the hobby of drinking tea into the British court. The British began importing tea from the Netherlands. In 1689 (Kangxi twenty-eight years), the British East India Company first imported tea directly from Xiamen, China, back to London. By the 1750s, tea had become a national drink for the British. The British drink tea, add sugar, add milk, and tea bags are soaked in hot water.



     In the United Kingdom and Ireland, "tea" refers not only to the name of the drink, but to the meaning of a light afternoon meal, namely English afternoon tea. British people drink more black tea, including English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey, jasmine tea imported from China, and Japanese green tea, which has become a standard part of British tea. The British drink tea, which is quite boring and very grand. When I wake up in the morning, at 6 o'clock in the morning, I will drink "bed tea" on empty stomach, drink "morning tea" at 11 o'clock in the morning, and drink again after lunch. "afternoon tea", drink "late tea" after dinner. That is to say, regular, at least 4 tons a day. British tea is the end of the tea, even in the hot water cup, not water, but immersed in hot water in a tea bag, a small bag of tea only a cup of water, discarded after drinking. When drinking at home, because the tea leaves are very broken, there is usually a filter cup in the teapot, washed with boiling water, filtered out, and then added with sugar and milk or lemon.

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