Why do Iranians like to drink tea?

1. Why do Iranians love to drink tea? Because Iranians can't drink alcohol, they will entertain guests with tea.

    The Iranian people drink black tea, and the tea customs are very interesting. Not only the tea soup is black tea, but the Iranian people also pay attention to the tea utensils. Even the tea cups are required to be red and red glasses. In this way, the color of the tea soup matches the color of the teacup, and it is gorgeous and chic. More specifically, the Iranians drink tea to pay attention to see the water without seeing the tea, the cup of tea sent to the guests, the bottom of the cup can not have the dregs of the tea, and the tea soup is still hot, but also has tea. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the filtering effect of the teapot, they also need to keep the tea soup warm and fragrant. When Iranians drink tea, they usually have a hookah. While drinking tea and smoking shisha, this afternoon's leisurely urges Iranians to drink tea.

    Iranians drink tea and are used to "sugars." Because the newly brewed black tea has a bitter taste, foreigners drink black tea, which is mostly a habit of adding sugar cubes, even with milk, to eliminate the bitter taste. However, the Iranians do not add milk, so as not to lose the tea fragrance of black tea; they do not add the sugar to the black tea, stir it before drinking; instead, put the sugar in the mouth before drinking tea. This method of drinking tea can adjust the sweetness of black tea according to the degree of bitterness and chewing sugar. It seems that the Iranian, this unique "sugar-containing" tea culture, and his certain scientific principles.

2. There is a very important reason - Religion.

    Iran is an Islamic country and people's living habits are largely influenced by religion. Islam believes that wine can cause people to lose their ethics and resent each other, which is the source of sin. Tea does not make people lose their nature. Therefore, Iranians use tea as a drink. Many Iranians have an amazing tea addiction. They drink more than a dozen cups of tea every day.

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