Moroccans can not do without green tea

Morocco and Green Tea

Morocco is located in the northwestern part of Africa. The climate is dry and hot all year round. Because Morocco is an Islamic country, locals do not drink alcohol. Tea, a drink that refreshes and quenches thirst, becomes a daily drink. Tea has a very important position in the Moroccan diet culture.


   The Moroccan domestic market consumes more than 60,000 tons of tea per year, 98% of which comes from China, mainly pearl tea and eyebrow tea in green tea, which has occupied the number one position in China's tea export for many years. The most popular drink in Morocco is called “Mint Tea”, which costs 14 to 15 cups per person per day. "Mint Tea" is made by adding green tea with mint leaves and then choosing whether to add sugar according to your taste.


    Morocco is the country that imports the most green tea in the world, and 30 million people consume 60,000 tons of tea a year. In Morocco, a large part of household income is used for tea consumption, and Moroccans often say that half of their body is green tea. Although Morocco is popular in drinking tea, it does not produce tea. The annual consumption of tea in the country depends on imports. 98% comes from distant China. Chinese green tea is closely related to the life of every Moroccan.


   Whether you walk into a Moroccan family or a small shop on the side of the road, you will smell the scent of a cup of tea, and it will be refreshing. Moroccans drink tea, not only pay attention to the aroma, but also require extremely strong, very sweet, then put fresh mint into the cup, drink it, cool and comfortable, dispel the heat. Moroccans pay attention to the use of green tea when receiving guests or relatives and friends. Chinese green tea enjoys a high reputation in Morocco. During the Chinese New Year, Moroccans have to buy tea, especially to buy high-grade green tea in China, just like buying holiday clothes and purchasing other foods from festivals. In their eyes, people who can spend money to buy green tea and use green tea to entertain guests are a symbol of abundance.


Moroccan Tea Steps:


1. First of all, the owner will provide the water with the taste of orange blossoms to wash the guests. In the room where there is no tea, there will be a fragrance, which will not only let the guests relax the hot emotions, but also let them prepare a good one. Peaceful heart to taste the next tea.


2. Next, take out two silver trays covered with gauze. Place a glass teacup, a silver-plated teapot, and Chinese-made green tea on a tray. Another silver plate is placed in a sugar bowl, a cigar-like candy bar, a small copper hammer and fresh mint leaves.


3. Pour a small amount of boiling water into the teapot, shake it gently, warm the kettle, pour the first water out, add enough green tea in the steaming pot, shake the tea again with water, just a few seconds later Pour out, the first soup is mainly used to wash away the dust on the tea leaves.


4. Put the washed and dried peppermint leaves into the teapot. The amount of the mint leaves should be more than two-thirds of the teapot. Next, the small pieces of sugar are smashed into small pieces with a small copper hammer, and then placed on the mint leaves. The ratio of sweetened Moroccan tea leaves to white sugar is usually 1:10, and a pot of tea is usually brewed three times.


5. Add boiling water to the teapot, cover the lid, shake the teapot fully, let the tea spread out, let the sugar melt more quickly, and mix the various flavors in the teapot. The traditional Moroccan blending method will pour out a cup of tea after shaking for a few seconds, then add the tea to the teapot, and repeat it two or three times.


6. Then pour the tea into the glass. When pouring the water, raise the silver pot very high. Pour the tea into the cup in a beautiful arc. Generally, fill the cup with two-thirds of the cup. In the process, you need to pour the tea. Using the impact of water, a layer of foam in a glass cup floats on top of the tea soup. Finally, put a few mint leaves and the traditional Moroccan tea is finished.

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