Chinese White Tea

White tea introduction:

    White tea, a micro-fermented tea, is a traditional tea created by Chinese tea farmers. With the appearance of buds complete, covered with scent, fresh and fragrant, the soup is yellow and green, and the taste is light and sweet. Compared with black tea, green tea and semi-fermented tea, white tea is purely natural.

    The main producing areas of white tea are Fujian Fuding, Zhenghe, Jiaocheng Tianshan, Songxi, Jianyang, and Yunnan Jinggu.

White tea is different in the selection of tea varieties and raw materials (fresh leaves). Because of the different raw materials, it can be divided into five kinds: white silver needle, white peony, spring red, spring city green, gongmei, Shoumei and new white tea. Silver needles and white peony are of superior quality and are more popular.


*Baihaoyinzhen (White silver needle)


   White silver needle, also known as silver needle, also known as white, because of its white cloak, white as silver, the shape is like a needle, its name is fresh, the soup is light yellow, the taste is fresh, is the best in white tea, known as tea The beauty of "beauty" and "tea king".


*White peony


   The white peony has a silvery white heart and is shaped like a flower. After brewing, the green leaves hold the buds, just like the buds are released, so they have a good name. The white peony is made from one bud and two leaves of the short shoots of the big white tea tree or the narcissus species. It is a superior product in white tea.


The value of white tea


    The efficacy of white tea is very good. It has the functions of hangover, clearing the heat, moistening the lungs, calming the liver and tonifying blood, reducing inflammation and detoxification, reducing blood pressure and reducing fat, and eliminating fatigue. It is especially effective for excessive alcohol and tobacco, excessive oiliness, excessive liver anger and digestive dysfunction. It has a unique and wonderful health care function.


White tea brewing method


1. The amount of control, white tea is lighter and better, generally 150 ml of water with 3 to 5 grams of tea.


2. Temperature control, water temperature requirements of 90 to 100.


3. Brewing time, the first bubble time is about 5 minutes, after filtering, the tea soup can be poured into the tea pot to drink. The second bubble can be as long as 3 minutes, that is, it is necessary to drink with the drink. In general, a cup of white tea can be brewed four or five times.

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