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Introduction to Tremella:

Tremella, also known as white fungus, snow fungus, white fungus, etc., belongs to the genus Fungus, Tremella genus, is a fruiting body of the fungus Tremella fuciformis, and has the reputation of "the crown of bacteria".

Tremella body is pure white to milky white, 5~10 cm in diameter, soft and white, translucent and elastic.


Tremella effect:

Tremella has the functions of strengthening the essence, tonifying the kidney, moistening the intestines, benefiting the stomach, tonifying the qi, and blood, strengthening the heart, strengthening the body, supplementing the brain, refreshing, beauty, skin rejuvenation and prolonging life. It can improve liver detoxification ability and protect liver function. It can not only enhance the body's anti-tumor immunity, but also enhance the tolerance of cancer patients to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Can nourish neuro; nourish the stomach, make up the lungs and benefit of body. 


Tremella is also a nourishing good medicine, characterized by moisturizing and not stagnation, with spleen appetizer, qi and clear intestines, sleeping in the stomach, nourishing the brain, nourishing yin and clearing heat, moistening dryness, and yin deficiency A hot tonic patient is a good tonic. Tremella is rich in natural characteristics, plus its nourishing effect, long-term use can emollient, and has the effect of removing the melasma and freckles on the face. Tremella is a diet food containing dietary fiber. Its dietary fiber can help gastrointestinal motility and reduce fat absorption.


*Tremella jujube soup


Tremella jujube soup is a home-made soup, the main ingredients are white fungus and red dates, which can be made by adding lotus seeds, hazelnuts and other ingredients. It is a health supplement.


#Practice one

Ingredients: two white fungus, placed in the water for half an hour, a few grains, a few red dates, a few raisins, 5-8 slices of lily

Production steps:

1. Put the above ingredients in a casserole, add water, and simmer in medium heat.


2, always take a spoon to flip in the process of stewing, so as not to stick to the pot.


3, after stewing, simmer for 20 minutes on low heat, turn off the fire.


4. Then cover the lid and let it simmer for another 5-10 minutes.


#Practice two


Raw materials: white fungus, red dates, rock sugar;

Production steps:

1. Put the white fungus into warm water and soak for 30 minutes. After the white fungus is fully opened, clean the water, remove the roots, and tear the white fungus into small pieces;


2, into the pot, add water, boil over the fire;


3, add washed red dates, rock sugar, boil for about 10 minutes, then change to a small fire, simmer for an hour or two, you can eat.

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