Do you know “Loquat Flower” ?

Loquat Flower

Loquat flowering in the winter and then bear fruit in spring.


There are many flowers on each branch of the loquat tree. In order to have better fruit in spring, cut off the excess loquat flowers and dry or bake them. It is healthy, safe, natural, and can be eaten with confidence.

The biggest benefit of loquat flowers is that it can relieve cough and nourish lungs, and relieve throat discomfort caused by dry and cold weather, especially in dry and cold areas.

Loquat flowers can be used to make herbal tea and drink directly:

Take the dried loquat flower, rinse it again with fresh water, soak it in water for a few minutes, boil on high heat, and heat for 7,8 minutes. The floral fragrance is overflowing, delicious, and a little rock sugar can be added to increase the taste.

Loquat flowers can also be used as soup, and it is very popular in the world. Chicken, duck, beef, sheep, and pork bone soup can be added with a little dried loquat flowers, the soup flavor is unique, good health ingredients.

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