Natural Collagen Food- Dried Peach Gum

Do you know the natural collagen?   -- Healthy and natural peach gum.

 Peach gum is a resin secreted from the bark of the Rosaceae peaches or mountain peaches. It is also known as peach oil, peach fat, peach blossom, peach gum, and peach condensate. Peach is naturally secreted, or under the action of external forces to produce wounds, while the secretion of peach gum is conducive to self-healing wounds. The more viscous liquid evaporates through the sun, producing a solid. The dry peach gum is very hard and looks a bit like amber. Peach glue has sufficient water solubility and proper viscosity. After soaking in water for more than a dozen hours, the foam hair becomes soft. It has the function of clearing blood and reducing blood fat, relieving stress and anti-wrinkle skin rejuvenation. The main components of gums are galactose, rhamnose, α-glucuronic acid and the like. Contains carbohydrate chemicals, fat, protein and plant collagen.


* The benefit of Peach Gum

1. Reducing fat and nourishing the face

The peach gum has good blood - clearing and reducing the fat, relieving the pressure and so on. The plant collagen has the effect of anti wrinkle and tender skin, and it can also make the skin become elastic, red and luster.


2. Replenish water :

Eating peach gum can replenish water and play a good role in promoting thirst and thirst. It has a good therapeutic effect on the tongue and tongue dryness caused by abnormal body fluid.


3. Embellish bowel movement:

Often eat peach gum can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce the accumulation of garbage in the stomach, to achieve the effect of Runchang catharsis. Keep healthy and loss weight.


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