Company Profile

FUJIAN KINCHON BIOTECH CO.,LTD is specialized in the cultivating, producing, storage and transportation of agriculture products. Main products are mushroom & fungus, dried fruit & vegetable, fruit & vegetable powder, and functional food,

KINCHON BIOTECH takes Modern Agricultural Science and Technology as the center, uphold innovation and development, scientific cultivation, and efficient management as the basis.

We concentrate on Healthy, Delicious, Nutritious and Organic Food.


What is our superiority?

We have scientific planting technology,rich experience for food
processing,storage and transportation.

Strictly choose a business

Field visit guarantee quality

Exclusive offer

Provide the lowest price of the whole network from time to time

buy online

Safe and fast shopping

Consumer Protection

Track the whole process to ensure the quality of service

What products can we supply?
Dried Mushroom, Dried Fruit, Dried Vegetable, Fruit Powder, Vegetable Powder,
Tea & Tea powder, Functional Food
What do you get from our cooperation?
You can capture your market quickly.