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FUJIAN KINCHON BIOTECH CO.,LTD is specialized in the cultivating and producing of agriculture products.

KINCHON BIOTECH takes Modern Agricultural Science and Technology as the center, uphold innovation and development, scientific cultivation, and efficient management as the basis.

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We have scientific planting technology,rich experience for food processing,
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Tremella - Beauty Product

Tremella, also known as white fungus, snow fungus, white fungus, etc., belongs to the genus Fungus, Tremella genus, is a fruiting body of the fungus Tremella fuciformis, and has the reputation of "the crown of bacteria". Tremella body is pure white to milky white, 5~10 cm in diameter, soft and white, translucent and elastic.

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What Is Lemon Ginger Tea?

Both lemon and ginger have energy-enhancing properties, as well as antioxidant and immune-promoting effects, while also stimulating metabolism. Despite being called tea, lemon ginger tea is actually a tea soup of lemon juice and ginger root, and it does not technically use any tea leaves. However, this does not have any effect on your health. For thousands of years, lemon and ginger have been an important part of traditional medicine, and when used alone, they can have an impressive impact on the human body. However, when the two ingredients are combined in a beverage, they become more important to health.

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China Oolong Tea — Tieguanyin

Tieguanyin tea, a traditional Chinese tea, belongs to the green tea category and is one of the top ten famous teas in China. Originally produced in Xiping Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, it was discovered in 1723-1735. "Tie Guanyin" is not only the name of tea, but also the name of tea variety. Tieguanyin tea is between green tea and black tea. It belongs to semi-fermented tea. Tieguanyin has a unique "Kuanyin rhyme". It has a delicate fragrance and has a natural orchid after brewing. Fragrant, pure and rich in flavor, long-lasting aroma, and "the reputation of seven bubbles with a fragrance." In addition to the health function of ordinary tea, it also has anti-aging, anti-arteriosclerosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes, weight loss bodybuilding, prevention and treatment of dental caries, heat and fire, enemy smoke and so on.

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